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Our Services

Our number one priority is making sure the job is done correctly and attractively, in the most healthy and eco-conscious way possible.  

We strive to educate our clients on the most effective gardening practices and help make your outdoor space beautiful, functional, and abundant for years to come!



  • Eco-friendly commercial and residential landscape planning

  • Re-Wilding of Prairies

  • Pruning of small landscape trees

  • Plant health care

  • Landscape rehabilitation

  • Water management for new plantings (trees, shrubs, etc)

  • Flower garden installation and maintenance

  • Soil testing and correction

  • Current site diagnosis and treatment

  • Pollinator gardens (start-to-finish)!

  • Raised bed organic veggie and herb gardens (We'll even tend your veggies for you)!

  • Water control and runoff solutions such as rain gardens

  • Rain barrel education and installation

  • Holistic tree doctoring

  • Native tree and plant suggestions based on your location and needs

  • Pesticides as "last resort" only

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