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Native landscape and
organic fruit & veggie 
growing solutions

Sustainable landscapes and organic home-grown food crops are both an art and a science!  We conduct a visual inspection of your site (including existing plants), take soil samples, and help you come up with a plan that is eco-friendly, beautiful, and sure to thrive in your unique environment.

We put a lot of thought and care into our work and stand by our philosophy of "right plant, right place." This reduces the chance of needing to use harmful herbicide and pesticide treatments in the future.

 A wide range of possibilities include rain gardens, rain barrels, pollinator gardens, raised veggie and herb gardens, native prairies, and more.  We'll even tend your veggie garden for you!


Tree health expertise

Our Certified Arborist offers holistic tree planning, planting, and doctoring. With the right plan, we can help ensure a good result from new plantings, as well as assessment of trees that are struggling.  Dreaming of fruit trees, a beautiful flowering trees, privacy plantings, or a handy windbreak?  We have the answers you need.  We always strive to choose native trees when possible and only use pesticides as a last resort.  Preventive maintenance education helps ensure excellent root structure and proper tree growth over the lifespan.  

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